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2019 Grenache Mourvèdre 750ml

2019 Grenache Mourvèdre 750ml

60% Grenache - Texas High Plains, 40% Mourvèdre - Texas Hill Country

The full bottle version of our popular 2019 Grenache Mourvèdre blend.  The Mourvèdre was grown at Klein Vineyards in the Hill Country.  2018's Klein Mourvèdre was one of our favorites in recent years, with these young vines making a stunning wine with a little help on deficit irragtion from a La Niña dominated vintage.  2019 would see the opposite, the El Niño pattern set in and brought us the typical wet weather associated with it for Texas.  We had our annual rainfall by June, and the Klein's Mourvèdre being planted towards the bottom of the slope tends to hold more water than the Tempranillo.  As a result of this factor, the Mourvèdre produced three times the yield it did in 2018, with a little less concentration.  The Tempranillo block further up their rocky slopes faired differently, and that wine is aging patiently in bottle for now.  Luckily, a wet vintage in the Hill Country means ideal conditions for West Texas sometimes, and 2019's record breaking crop in the High Plains was the result.  We found a grower with some Grenache that had no home, and was getting pretty ripe.  It was produced in stainless steel, and then blended back to the Klein's Mourvèdre, which spent about 7 weeks in neutral French oak puncheons.  The resulting wine is a delicious blend of the jammy, cherry-like red fruit from Grenache, with some savory, earthy, leathery, gamey elements from the Mourvèdre.  Goes great with fresh pizza and tomato based pastas.  Or most everything else we've tried so far.  Drink now!

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